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ECHA NIeuws 7-06-23

Klik op de artikels om op de hoogte te blijven van de laatste ontwikkelingen bij ECHA over volgende onderwerpen:


ECHA's workshop opens way for animal testing-free chemicals regulation




Commission decision on Union authorisation

The European Commission has granted a Union authorisation for:

Commission decisions on active substances

Commission decisions approving:

Commission decision not approving:

Commission decisions postponing the expiry date
of the approval of:

Commission decision on product authorisation

Commission decision on the unresolved objections regarding authorisation for:


Scientific article on IUCLID database on pharmaceuticals

EU Chemicals Legislation Finder:

Reminder: Data service provider for EUCLEF

Board of Appeal:

Appeal against a compliance check decision mainly dismissed


EFSA call for data: migration and occurrence of plasticisers in food and food contact materials

OECD: people willing to pay a significant amount to avoid chemicals-related health effects

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